Daily blog?!

I knew I would be crap at keeping a daily blog, as I can never stick to any of my plans. However, in my defence I have been working literally nonstop all week!

Another reason why I havent written daily, is simply because of how incredibly boring my life is. Realistically I would like to aim for a weekly blog, but even thats going to be a strech! 

This week has been a good week in terms of my ‘love life’. On Monday night I followed him downstairs and he gave me a hug and a peck goodbye, which was quite sweet. On Wednesday it get better…. I followed him downstairs and got a full on snog, which I enjoyed greatly. The best night of the week so far has been tonight ( friday night). I was outside as he was leaving into the carpark, when he pulled me into a hug, then a full on kiss, then he asked me to join him in his car…. You can all imagine where that ended up!!!!

I know its extremely wrong to be sleeping with a married man, who is years to old for me. But I can’t help myself, it’s addictive. However, I am now faced with an even more horrific moral dilemma, as I have quite strong feelings for his son. I would hate for him to ever find out, as I have a rather embarrassing school girl crush on him. Its a tricky one.