Where it all began…

The job. The job that gave me sanity and that gave my life some reason, thats how we met. Friday 30th September 2016, my first ever bar shift and our first encounter. Actually, that’s not entirely true….  I thought it was our first encounter but it turns out we had met several times before (about 10-12 years previously). As a child, I would come to the sports club with my siblings and parents, almost every Saturday night. This however is all a distant childhood memory. 

The thing about my place of work is that nothing ever changes, the people that come to the bar have been there since the early 1980’s and haven’t yet moved off their bar stools. Its a family club, and everyone knows everyone, and that’s how he knew me. 

Anyways back to the first encounter that I was actually old enough to remember… I remember having the worst cold in history and wanting to be anywhere but on a trial bar shift. But nevertheless, I went for it… I didn’t really pay attention to who was at the bar, but the person I was working with introduced me to HIM. I was introduced not by my name but as my fathers daughter, and he instantly remebered me. From that moment onwards, it started off with little things like he’d always call me gorgeous. At first I thought nothing of it then I realised that HE only called ME gorgeous – no one else.  I must say after a few shifts I found myself under the spell of his soft Northen Irish accent, and his gentlemanly charm. 


I had no idea that he felt anything towards me for sure until 23rd December 2016! That was a big day for me… Up to this date there had been looks and comments made but, this time it was different. I was heading to change a barrel, as he was just leaving. He said goodbye the pulled me in for the most intimate hug of my life and gently kissed my cheeks. At the time my heart was fluttering, but now I look back on it and realise it wasn’t a huge deal. From that moment, everyime I saw him head downstirs I would time it so that I could catch him on his way out, and we shared a couple more hugs and kisses on my cheeks. The next time however, was more serious… I was having a stressful shift and so I went downstairs for a breather coincidentally (on purpose) as he was leaving. We had a little chat about the drama of that shift then he pulled me into the usual hug, except this time he kissed me on the lips, twice. The first two kisses were nothing more than little pecks but then he went in for a full on make out session. I stopped him before anything could really happen because I knew my dads friend was due out of the bathroom any minute ( family clubs remember). The next time our paths crossed he asked me for my number so that we could meet up ( have sex). 

We started texting one another and we arranged a ‘date’ at my place. I was super nervous when he arrived, I’d had sex with people before him but no-one I liked as much. This was different. I didnt really know what to expect or how its was all going to pan out. However, the minute he got through my front door, he stuck his tongue down my throat. That was at the end of January, and up to this date we have met up (had sex) twice. Although, it doesnt show any signs of stopping 😉
We’re up-to-date on all the big milestones in our affair, and now I hope to start a daily blog ( probably wont be daily lol) about our ‘romantic???’ encounters…


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