What went wrong?!

I wasn’t meant to end up here, after finishing college I was meant to be heading of to a university, meeting new people; getting ahead in the world and becoming more independent. A year ago I had masses of ambition, passion and knew where I was heading. Now, I have to find the motivation to just leave my bed every morning (afternoon). However, even after the dramatic, life- altering turn of events that occured this summer, I feel a sence of freedom and happiness I’ve never experienced before. I AM HAPPY.

I may not be with most of my friends studying to change my life for the better but, I am on the same journey at the start of adult life, where things are either going to go up or down hill. After leaving college, I still believed that I would get my life together quickly and everything would be fine. It took a long time but eventually I got a job as a barmaid and receptionist at a sports club. I never experienced joy through working until I got this job, but it’s the one thing that keeps me happy and gives my life some structure.

The real reason I write this blog is not to document my emotions, or the fact my life is probably at a dead end. But instead to share the story of how I’ve ended up becoming everything I despise…. I am now sleeping with a married, older man.

How did this come about? You’re guess is as good as mine. Adultery is the very thing that broke me just 6 months ago. I have had instant hate for the woman who slept with mu married father and broke up my family. Now I have become just like ‘HER’

Whether or not anybody reads this or not, makes little difference to me. I am in no way a talented writer, I hated studying English at school, I just want to get this all off my chest, to tell someone, without judgement, and without breaking a marriage.

Anyways, as the dull title indicates, this is just an introduction into my life shenanigans, The best is yet to come 😉


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